Plant Self Watering Spikes Devices, 12 Pack- Vacation Plant Automatic Waterer


2021 New Plant Self Watering Spikes Devices, 12 Pack- Vacation Plant Automatic Waterer, Suitable for Most Bottles Plant Watering Slow Release Stakes with Anti-Tilt Bracket for Indoor Outdoor Plants
New Upgrade:The new upgraded plant watering spikes abandoned the water storage part of the traditional glass Plant automatic watering bulb ball and replaced it with water bottles or beverage bottles that are easier to obtain, which greatly saves transportation and production costs and not easily broken. The traditional glass Plant flower automatic watering bulb ball costs at least 15 dollars per four. The newly upgraded plant waterer allows customers to spend less money to water more plants.
Suitable for 95% bottles: 2021 New upgraded self-watering spike can be used with bottles of 95%. The new anti-tilt bracket allows your Self-Watering system to not tilt when the fitted bottle is too large. Don’t waste time finding the right bottle, 95% bottle will makes the Self-Watering system work. Note: Please use bottle with harder shell material (such as: Coke bottle ), otherwise the water will stop or leak.Wine bottles can also be perfectly suitable for our plant watering spikes
Multi-Scene Application: Whether indoor/outdoor plant, this self watering spikes system ensure your plants hydrated.And the watering device is perfect for potted plants, houseplants, patio plants, hanging baskets, deck pots, hanging plants and many more.Provide different amounts of water for different plants and flowers. Vacations no longer mean death to your plants.
Simple to Use:No cumbersome installation, just pick right bottle and fill water, insert our plant watering spikes into the bottle mouth, dig a hole in the soil. then, insert the watering spikes into the soil gently. Plant waterer will work 7-15 days, The releasing speed of the plant watering stakes depends on the size of pot, soil composition, the need of plants and the climate. Note: When you insert the spikes into the soil, please be careful not to block the outlet of the spikes with soil.
Service Commitment :Providing you with excellent products and services is our primary goal.This product supports 60 days unconditional refund, 365 days replacement service. If you have any comments or suggestions about our products, please contact us, we will provide you with service and help immediately.