REH Design Ultrasonic 2021 New Generation


REH Design Ultrasonic 2021 New Generation, Whole Mouth 360 Mouth Cleaning. Hands-Free (Black)
Fully automatic 360 degree cleaning system using high-frequency ultra sonic vibration. A unique ergonomic U shape designed for comfort and 100% cleaning coverage. U shape toothbrush head design, using food grade soft silicone material with high density gel bristles for easy, dynamic cleaning of gums and teeth. 360 cleaning prevents Gingivitis, while promoting circulation of the periodontal blood, reducing the occurrence of periodontal disease. *Only taking 45 seconds to complete a 360 degree full brush movement. Quick and convenient. *Magnetic charging base, hidden timer, Intelligent memory canton, Hidden brushing mode *4 modes: 1) Strong tooth brushing. 2) Comfort 3) High frequency massage 4) Teeth scaling Conventional soft touch- one-key operation. Whitening in only 15 min with LED Blue light. * one time charging of 90 minutes gives wireless use up to 7 days of use, saving energy while offering environmental protection. * Waterproof IPX7- Super chic and smooth body is fully able to be used in shower- although not full recommended to be submerged in hot water. * PORTABLE Small size making convenient for travel and to and from office or gym.