Power Wheel Adapter for Milwaukee 18V Lithium Battery


Power Wheel Adapter for Milwaukee 18V Lithium Battery Secure Battery Adapter with Fuse & Wire Terminal,14 Gauge Wire Power Convertor for DIY RC Trucks, RC Toys, Robotics, Work Lights
Brand Crtbelfy
Battery cell composition Lithium Ion
Unit count 1.0 count
Voltage 18 Volts
Model name M18 18V
About this item
Our power wheel adapter can install and lock your battery easily. Compatible with Milwaukee M18 18-Volt Lithium-Ion battery.
Added fuse voltage overcurrent protection. Waterproof fuse holder rubber cap fits on tightly to protect blade fuse inside. Heat-resistant 14AWG wire-matched quick-connect terminals are ideal for high-power hardware use.
There are four fixing screw holes on the adapter, you can fix it in any position of the DIY product. Only need to move the battery into the groove of the adapter to fix the battery without falling off. If you want to remove the adaptor from the battery, Please press down the buckle of the battery, then remove it.
This is design from mould injection, not 3D printed. High-quality ABS Plastic, safe and durable, corrosion resistance and moisture resistance perfect for indoor and outdoor use.
Package includes: 1x Battery Adapter with a Heat-resistance 14 AWG wire, 1pack inline fuse holder and 3 pack 30A fuse replacements,1pack 212 push-type quick terminal block. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.We will solve your problems within 24 hours.
Product description

1. Compatible with Milwaukee M18 battery 18v series. 48-11-1815,48-11-1850,48-11-1820,48-11-1840, 48-11-1815 and more.

2. Power wheels battery adapter perfectly upgrade your power wheel, robot, RC toys, DIY and other high power applications. Let your kids have nearly endless power wheels fun.

3. The red wire is connected to the positive terminal, and the black wire is connected to the negative terminal; When using, the two wires shouldn’t be in contact.

4. This product is not a charger, it only outputs battery voltage and power directly from your battery.

5. The dimension of the product is 4”x3.24”x1.45”, and the length of the wire is 12.2”

Package List:

1 x Battery Connector

1 x Inline fuse holder

3 x 30A fuse replacements

1 x Terminal block

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